Sunday, June 21, 2009

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Draft Offices

Prada's Office: Curved suface as roof of the office that indicates the movement, as a feature of modernism.

Obama's Office: Intersected boxes connected each other with hanging copper strips, whcih connect the office to the bridge at the same time as well.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are They Wrong???

At first glance of these two sketches, the one-point perspectives seem like incorrect. I didn't say that what I did was correct; but actually they could be absolutely right to some extent!

Before explaining the reasons for this, one renowned architecture should be displayed here:

Image reference:

Can you imagine the plan of this square???
(You may get wrong if you don't think carefully!)

To check the answer, click here:

(Can you see that: actually the two sides of
St Peter's Square
are not parallel... )

Now, let's go back to the first question!
Think about it: do they have to be the 'F' as a regular one?

Here is a different 'F':

To be honest, I did this F-shap one-point perspective in a wrong way when I was drawing it. However, usually the 'wrong' thing be a absolutely right...

Do not be constrained by Directed Thinking all the times when you are designing something creative!