Sunday, May 31, 2009

Are They Wrong???

At first glance of these two sketches, the one-point perspectives seem like incorrect. I didn't say that what I did was correct; but actually they could be absolutely right to some extent!

Before explaining the reasons for this, one renowned architecture should be displayed here:

Image reference:

Can you imagine the plan of this square???
(You may get wrong if you don't think carefully!)

To check the answer, click here:

(Can you see that: actually the two sides of
St Peter's Square
are not parallel... )

Now, let's go back to the first question!
Think about it: do they have to be the 'F' as a regular one?

Here is a different 'F':

To be honest, I did this F-shap one-point perspective in a wrong way when I was drawing it. However, usually the 'wrong' thing be a absolutely right...

Do not be constrained by Directed Thinking all the times when you are designing something creative!

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